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For assistance/service dog equipment, as well as guide, therapy, detection, search & rescue, police and dogs in training equipment check out my website http://www.ozworkingdogs.com.au - I make and sell vests, capes, belly bands, harnesses, handles and more... and will post to the world!

Assistance & Working Dog Equipment

17th July 2012

I have recently launched a new website, http://www.ozworkingdogs.com.au for my business making working dog equipment - but concentrating on equipment for assistance dogs. My website is in complete operation, but if you wish to ask any questions about my designs here rather than on the Oz Working Dogs page, please do! I will post to virtually anywhere in the world, and the postage prices are very reasonable.

I have finished making any final adjustments to my designs, and my dog Knightley is very happy wearing them - more so than his previous gear which is a good sign. Comfort for the dog has been one of my main guiding principles, as well as useability for the owner. Being a consumer myself means that I know of changes I would like to make in existing gear available now on the market.

I am making vests, belly bands, capes, harnesses, collars and leashes, plus will soon be stocking other items useful for handlers.

For more information on these designs, including pricing and options, please go and check out my website, Oz Working Dogs.

Design #1 Basic small vest

Design #2, Y-chested mobility vest

Design #3, Cape, w/ or w/o pockets

Design #4, Light weight summer band

Design #5, Plain belly band
Design #6, Light weight summer mobility vest

Yet to be made, apologies for the artwork!
Design #7, Spine vest
Design #8, Patrol vest (Police/guard dogs etc)

Miscellaneous items

Collar in 19mm (3/4") or 25mm (1")
Padded, washable travel/working mat that rolls up and
compresses with strap provided

3m - 10ft euro lead, the only lead you'll ever need


  1. Wow im really impressed.

  2. Hi lyssa do you also sell the patches? Like the ones that just say service dog? just a pain getting them.

    1. Not yet sorry, it takes some fairly expensive machinery to make them but I am looking into other solutions. I'll let you know when I do have some? What would you want patches saying?

  3. I really like the cape with the pockets. All I really want are patches on the vests to say service dog. I don't think it's possible to sew the words on the actual vest hence why I ask about patches. I do like the vests though but I"m currently out of patches.

    Not 100% on my girl's size but it would be nice to have some new vests so I can wash her other ones but still have some spares.

    1. My favourite patch place is via ebay, or you can get them on their website, but they are in the US. http://stores.ebay.com.au/Danny-and-LuAnns-Embroidery?_trksid=p4340.l2563 is their ebay store. I'd be happy to sew any patches you may get from anywhere onto any of my equipment or anything else you may get. I'd really like to have a good supply of them myself though, because as far as I know there aren't any actually good places in Australia you can get them.

  4. Yeah that's what I hate. They are so hard to get like here. The ones I had were from the U.S but a friend bought a huge bulk and I bought them off her. I just hate waiting to get them from the U.S

  5. I was wondering if you still make service dog vests?

  6. When your dog passes the public access test you will recieve a vest with patches on it, along with your service dog ID. There is a list of assessors on www.qld.gov.au/disability/out-and-about/choosing-ghad#trainers
    Queensland government website has a copy of the public access test too