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Saturday, April 30, 2011

First litter fell through, and getting married

Well I am currently posting this from England, as I am here to be married to my dearest one three weeks today. It has been a bit of a difficult time since I arrived in the country, we had some rather serious visa troubles, and I had to go to hospital briefly, but everything is going better now. I am looking forward to my big day! After the wedding is over it is back to Australia and then I can really start planning for the puppy, as we had to get the wedding done before we could consider it seriously.

I had been talking to a breeder just outside of Sydney about a prospective litter. I really liked the hip scores of her dogs, an way back into their pedigrees, and there was a fair bit of good feedback about the dogs she bred. I reserved a male puppy from a breeding several weeks back but found out last week that the bitch isn't pregnant after all. In a way I am not too sorry, the male dog of the pairing wasn't all that old, and his hips may have changed a bit still as he reached two years old.