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Saturday, April 30, 2011

First litter fell through, and getting married

Well I am currently posting this from England, as I am here to be married to my dearest one three weeks today. It has been a bit of a difficult time since I arrived in the country, we had some rather serious visa troubles, and I had to go to hospital briefly, but everything is going better now. I am looking forward to my big day! After the wedding is over it is back to Australia and then I can really start planning for the puppy, as we had to get the wedding done before we could consider it seriously.

I had been talking to a breeder just outside of Sydney about a prospective litter. I really liked the hip scores of her dogs, an way back into their pedigrees, and there was a fair bit of good feedback about the dogs she bred. I reserved a male puppy from a breeding several weeks back but found out last week that the bitch isn't pregnant after all. In a way I am not too sorry, the male dog of the pairing wasn't all that old, and his hips may have changed a bit still as he reached two years old.

There are a few other breeders I don't mind the look of, one of which I have sent an email just recently, so we will see what fruit that bears. I am willing to travel for this pup, and I am willing to wait into the new year even for an exceptional pup from exceptional lines.

I continue to read about training, clickers and golden retrievers in general. I am getting really itchy for a puppy. I know it will be a lot of work, but I really can't wait. This pup has the potential to transform my life. I am scared about washout rates however, and I do not cringe from the fact that the dog may not make it. I'll stay positive though, dogs would feel negativity.

Anyway, back to wedding preparation, and looking at photos of puppies in the meantime. ;)

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