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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photos at 12 weeks

12 weeks 3 days old (photos of him at exactly 12 weeks)

Just a bit of a photo record of turning 12 weeks old, and having spent a full 4 weeks with us. Time has flown, it's pretty crazy. He is now 11kg (24.2 lbs) and was 6.2kg (13.6lbs) when we brought him home. It is hard to see his growth, but the figures are hard to deny!

"Why is mummy pointing that weird thing in my
face when all I want to do is eat my yummy bone?"

Practicing 'on your mat' with his nice new mat.
Which was pristine, but now he has managed
to make it all dirty of course.

Having a chew on the 'puppy' toy I bought to comfort him in
 his first few weeks with us. It has a wheat pack inside that
you put into the microwave. He has been chewing it so much
and making it quite disgusting and sodden I've taken out
the wheat.

Sitting and looking a bit mournful because I just closed him in
his pen,and he would much rather have the ability to harass me
whenever he choses all through the day and see if he can get
into any new and exciting trouble. Poor puppy!

Drying his paws after he paddled in his water bowl. He
LOVES this game.
Looking cute after having his paws dried.

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