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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Allergy season, job offer and Knightley nearly 4 months old!

17 weeks old

I've been working on a long update for a while now, but I've had pretty bad hayfever for the last week or two, and haven't been on the computer enough to get it finished once and for all. So this is just a quick update to say that I'm alive, and so is Knightley!

Knightley a few days back. He's definitely growing up quickly,
but I am happy with his weight. I want him to grow slowly
because it will give his joints a good chance of being sound.
He is to turn 4 months old in four days, or 17 weeks tomorrow, whatever measurement you prefer. He has now got at least 8 adult teeth, and a wide stripe of adult coat down his back and is also loosing his fluffy puppy coat quite quickly. When he weighed him three days ago he was 14.9kg (32.8lbs), which I am happy with. He has also developed a rather annoying barking habit - rather suddenly. Which I really hope will be very temporary. I am dealing with it as best I can, but I am finding it hard to understand why he is barking in many of the situations. That makes it hard to fix.

With the hotter weather I have discovered that he rather loves the water, but the longer post will have more on that. I can't wait until we take him swimming somewhere for the first time. I think he will love it. 

His loose leash walking (LLW) is finally coming along quite well on walks, although when he is excited it still suffers.  Last weekend we took him to our local fresh food/gourmet food/butcher etc markets and had coffee outside at one of the cafes there so he could get to meet lots of people including small children, and for the first time go to a very busy public place. However, for the majority of his time there, LLW was almost an impossibility. I have ordered a Wiggles, Wags and Whiskers No Pull Harness from the US, which will help me control him when he is excited in public. It is definitely to the point that he could pull me over, and this harness is meant to be the best of the no pull harnesses in terms of shoulder joint mobility and sheer practicality. I am looking forward to receiving it.

Lastly, I have had a bit of a triumph in my personal life. I had to quit work when I got sick three years ago, but in the last four months I have been volunteering at my local Arts Centre, helping with concerts, exhibitions and special projects. Rather unexpectedly, they have asked me to take a part time paid position with them. The idea of my volunteering was that I would get up the stamina to work once more, but it is wonderful that the place I so enjoy volunteering at appreciates me enough to pay me what I would do for free!! This is a very positive step in my life, towards a happier and more active future I hope. Hopefully with Knightley by my side as my Assistance Dog. If he doesn't turn into a barking maniac!

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