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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A full on but successful couple of days!!

8 months 1 week old

Well, the last few days have been pretty busy, and there are more busy ones to come! Despite being very busy and being utterly tired out, it has been a really successful couple of days.

The big personal news is I did a TV interview yesterday, about the project I've been working on for the Arts Centre I volunteer at (soon to be a casual paid worker).... and then in the evening we had a great launch of the results of the project, which went very well. I felt I did terribly in the TV interview, and through an awful strike of fate, I don't have a copy of the interview recorded so haven't seen it yet. However, friends who saw it say I came across well and was "clear and concise". Pretty crazy considering my first sentence contained virtually nothing but "ah um" and a few "err"s. I did get better as I went along though, and it wasn't live so they could at least pick the best bits. It was a good experience, and if I do ever have to do it again (let's hope not!!!) I won't be as crazily terrified.

I haven't been doing all that much training, I gotta say. The hubby gets back from England on Easter Friday morning, so that will be just great to have him back. It feels like the house has been just me and Knightley for a good while. Knightley is definitely going to be cranky at losing his spot on the bed though!

We did go to the dog park this afternoon though, and Knightley got incredibly dirty playing with a 10 week old puppy in the dust and dirt. I tried to brush it out of him when I got home, but I just couldn't get enough out to make me anything like happy to have him on the bed - and I want to make the most of our last time nights sleeping together! That, and I have permission to take him somewhere a bit special soon (it's a bit of a secret), and I want him clean for it. So I sucked it up and decided to give him a bath. It has been a good while since I actually washed him in our actual bath, during summer I was able to do it outside, and then the last time I did it at a self serve tub in a pet shop. He did pretty well though.... last time he was washed I gave him heaps and heaps of treats as counter conditioning, and I think that has helped change his perception of getting washed. The only problem this time was he hated the slipperiness, so I think I'll get one of those rubber mats you suction to the bath, and then he'll be much happier. Dogs hate slippery surfaces. He's still drying off a bit, I gave him a good towel off, and a brush, and now I'm just letting him continue to dry. He's going to look and smell lovely though. Until the next dog park romp, that is!!

Anyway, after several days of being far too busy, Knightley and I are going to take tomorrow pretty easy. The National Folk Festival (lots of traditional Irish/English/Scottish/Australian/American/Canadian/European and more music + lots of yummy food + entertainment + shops to buy jewellery, craft work, musical instruments.... and mulled wine in the cool evenings....) starts tomorrow evening, and I have a season ticket, as I try to do every year - although last year I couldn't as I was going overseas for my wedding. I'll be going to the opening concert tomorrow night with my mum, and can't wait for the Festival to start.... it's a truly wonderful event, with people coming to perform from all over the world. The other exciting news is Knightley may be going on Monday, which is by far the quietest day. I have approval to take him for socialisation and training practice. I should really work hard some more on his retrieve in the next couple of days and actually make use of him while I have him with me. I can't wait for the Folkie!!! (even though it absolutely and completely exhausts me) I can't wait to have the hubby home!! YAY!!

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