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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Married, back to finding a breeder and clicker training

Well, I'm back here downunder, and I now have myself a husband! He's a rather nice husband so I'm quite happy about that. Our wedding was just beautiful, and worth the rather stressful leadup which included a visa disaster and some serious health issues.

So now that I'm back in Australia, I'm back to finding myself a breeder with a suitable litter to choose from. I am continuing to have bad luck in that department. I had a very promising prospect, but the entire litter was born girls - and I really want a boy pup for the extra strength and size. Males are usually best for mobility assistance dogs, especially because I'm not a petite woman. I've sent off another email to my fourth breeder, so cross fingers on that. I am very picky on hip scores in the breeding lines, so this breeder is down near Melbourne... quite far from where I am. I don't know if I am being too picky, but I just know if my dog suffered from hip dysplasia that would be it for it's career and I'd have to either give up, or rehome or .... ?? Scary prospect. Being a recessive condition it scares me that I can never be sure, but I can at least go for as good as possible.

I am doing a lot of reading about dog training, and really just can't wait to have a pup of my own to start with. I especially admire the Training Levels of Sue Ailsby. She is quite an extraordinary dog handler, and I plan to use her levels as the basics upon which to base all my service dog training. I enjoy reading her current blog of her adventures with her new Portuguese Water Dog puppy Syn. It is amazing the progress you can make with a 19 week old puppy if you know what you are doing. I hope I can do half as well when I finally get myself a puppy. I am finding my reading of positive training methods are making me less and less accepting of using 'punishments' when it comes to dog training. It is frustrating and upsetting to think of some of the techniques in use out there, and indeed it even upsets me a little to think of how I trained my last dog, Clipsy, although I was by no means harsh. I just know with a clicker I could have done so very much more.

I can't explain how much I look forward to the day when I can go out in public with a doggy helper, confidently, without worry. I hope so much it comes to pass, and I no longer feel trapped at home unless someone can come out with me. It would make the hugest difference in my life. I hope so hard that my plans are successful. Cross fingers this next breeder has a litter coming up before November, which is a bit long to wait. Hope for me, please! (if there is anyone actually out there)

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