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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picking him up in 11 hours!!

Pre pickup 8 weeks old

Well, here comes the puppy! I can't believe it is finally happening!!!! We leave early tomorrow morning, as the hubby has a social engagement for the afternoon which he wants to get back for - although I don't actually think he will end up going now, as he has come down with a cold. If he does go it'll give me and him some quiet time, so that's no bad thing. I hope I don't get his cold, with my under strength immune system - especially as I only just finished getting over my cold! I need my wits about me for the next coming days with the new pup.

I got some last minute puppy proofing done tonight, as I had expected another couple of days to get ready, so it has been all a bit rushed. Everything is mostly ok, although there are a few more things to do, I'll just have to watch him very carefully until everything is puppy proofed! I'm thinking of doing quite a bit of umbilical leashing.

Last night hubby and I built a temporary fence addon to enclose our backyard. It is usually open to the street. We managed to enclose a good amount of extra space, so it'll give him some good romping room. It was a quick job, and the last part of it was in the dark and some of the posts were at distinctly awkward angles. However, it'll do the job until we can fix up the dodgier ones. Since it has been open to the street, I am a little concerned due to a dog across the road that is owned by a woman who isn't quite all there. The dog has definitely has had puppies at some point in time (many times?), and the dog herself doesn't receive the best of care. She wanders around a lot, and I am worried she may have tracked something nasty onto our property. So tonight I soaked the newly enclosed yard - all of it - with parvocide in a pressure sprayer. Hopefully that should take care of it. I may do it again just to be sure.

I've packed for tomorrow, a smaller crate that we'll be able to use for a month or two, a few chew toys, a squeaky toy, a few treats and some kibble, a travel bowl for water, a small harness and a leash. I've left a couple of things with the breeder to get the scent of the litter on it, and that will make up the bedding for the crate - for the journey and back home. That should be all we need for a three hour journey. His big crate here at home is set up all nice and comfy ready to go, and I have an ex pen I can easily attach onto the crate.

Be ready for LOTS of photos when we get back. I'm going to ride in the back next to the crate on the way back, and I'll have my camera. I'm so smitten with this puppy, I keep on showing everyone those few photos I have, and I've only seen him for like half an hour! After the three hour ride home I'm going to be head over heels!! Vet appointment on Saturday morning.

I just hope everything goes according to plan! I deserve a bit of luck right about now.

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