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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clot free, and dog coat/cape arrived

So I spent the night at A&E (Accident & Emergency) the other night, then left at 2am, and then had to come back the next morning for an ultrasound of my calf to check for clots (we had a tiny bit of sleep!).... and drum roll, as I said in the title, I am clot free. So now I have to figure out why my leg is still hurting so oddly - I suppose it is 'just' my usual condition. Now my left leg seems to be hurting some too, so at least that convinces me they were right in diagnosing no clot. Just have to worry about decreasing abilities some more now though, sigh, nothing ever seems to improve, I just collect more symptoms lol. Need that puppy!

Today I had a nice surprise in the mail. I ordered a custom service dog cape/coat on ebay several weeks back, from the US, and today it came. It is for my big soft toy assistance dog called Harry, who is my only assistance dog until I get a live one, lol! However, it should be of a size to reuse on a 10 week or so old golden retriever puppy. I'll try to get a photo of Harry wearing it later and put it up here, he looks very dashing! My husband just rolled his eyes at my rather whimsical behaviour, but if you don't have fun occasionally, then you may as well be dead. It was very economical too, $8 US and $5 US postage to Australia, so like $12.20 AU in total. I figure it will be his first "Ask to pat" "In training" cape, although I may not put "Assistance Dog" on it at that early early stage of training. As they are so economical I may get another one for when he grows, I think this one should last maybe up to four months, maybe a bit more if I am lucky, the straps adjust a lot. After about six months I would probably start him on a light harness, and eventually add a very light handle. The cape came from here if you are interested in ordering your own, speaking simply as a happy customer. Note that they are not padded at all, so do not expect them to be warm. You can also get them customised with writing on them, your dog's name etc, or just SERVICE DOG.

Another good bit of news, I have a chat/interview for some possible unpaid work to build up my physical stamina which could turn into paid work eventually, or may at least lead to paid work. It has been nearly three years since I got sick and became disabled, and I've been unable to work during that time. I still worry a lot that I am not up to it, but soon my financial situation will be such that we will need the money desperately. I would feel so so much better about returning to the workforce if I knew that within a couple of years I would have an assistance dog to help me through each day, as each day is such a battle. Frankly I am now scared of going out on my own, and for someone who is as confident as I used to be (I backpacked around Europe by myself at only just age 18) it is a very depressing turn of events. Where are you my puppy??? Other than you Harry of course, you good boy. :) As nice as you are, you don't give me all that much help....

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