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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Official request to keep assistance dog prospect on rental property - in!

Pre pickup 1 week 5 days old

Well, as the title of this entry says, my request to keep this dog is in. Now it is up to the landlords, and in a small part, the property managers (who can influence the landlords as to what good tenants we are!). I am pretty confident, as I have said before.... but I am still nervous. I will be waiting with baited breath until we get an answer. There are options if we are refused, as the Disability Discrimination Act supports the right of people with a disability to have assistance dogs in rented accommodation... but I would much rather this be very simple. We have been here for nearly four years and I would say we have done well by them, so I think and hope everything will go ok. Cross your fingers for me though, just in case.

In the meantime, I have heard from the breeder who says since we were there only five days ago, the puppies have changed a lot - getting a lot more lively and exploring the world a lot more. I've asked her to introduce them to loud noises, strange movements and if she possibly can at all, children (as children can occasionally be a problem in public access with assistance dogs). Assistance dogs, and in fact all dogs, can also have a problem with men in general, as well as the children thing. So one of the very important socialisation goals in those first few weeks will be a good number of men and children. Apparently puppies react more favourably to girls than boys, and that even at that young age they seem to know that a boy will grow up to be a scary scary man. Odd that they can tell the difference!

Anyway, time to hold my breath and do some serious finger crossing!

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