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Friday, August 5, 2011


Pre pickup 1 week old

Well, the puppies exist! And boy are they cute!!! Boy being the operative word - we ended up seeing only the three boys, which was absolutely fine by me... more than fine, they were soooo gorgeous!!! The breeder was very friendly, and we got on well. She has a good idea of what I want, and knows now how serious this all is for me. We were the first prospective owners to go look at the puppies.

Anyway, I'll just post the photos we took and will make a longer entry later. They really were just gorgeous little things. That is me in all the photos holding the puppy. Click on the photos to get larger images.

This is one of the puppies (they are four weeks old) with their mum Connie. Notice how the puppy's ear is darker than the rest of its coat. A golden retrievers coat darkens after it leaves puppyhood and grows its other coat (it is born with only an undercoat), but while it's a puppy, the ear is meant to be a good indicator of its final adult colour.

All the boys asleep in a pen outside. They have only just left the whelping box apparently and are starting to explore the world but are mostly still just sleeping!

One of the pups with mum Connie saying hi.

A pup!


Looking cute.

Sleeping again.

Anyway, speaking of sleeping, time for me to sleep as I have my last treatment at hospital tomorrow and it has been a long two days driving up there and back. Still can't believe how warm and tiny they were though!! Very exciting.

I'll leave you with a photo I took very near where we spent the night at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It is of the rock formation they call the "Three Sisters". If you look at the big version and the base of the left most "sister" you can see some very tiny people crossing a bridge over to it. It gives you an idea of the scale, which is pretty massive.

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