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Thursday, July 21, 2011

List of what to buy, planning for pup, health been bleugh

So planning for the pup has been going full ahead, I have been writing lists of things I need in order to go straight into a gentle training regime from age 8 weeks when we get him. I also need to ask for official permission to keep him here, which could be the only sticking point. As I have said before, legally I should be allowed my pup as he is a assistance dog prospect and isn't being kept as a 'pet', but I don't want a legal fight. I am putting together a big package to support my case with letters from three health professionals as well as documentation about what a mobility assistance dog is, etc etc. I am, cross fingers, not anticipating too much trouble. I am going to offer to get the carpet cleaned professionally twice a year, and anything else they may wish to throw in. I just really hope it goes smoothly. I am pretty good at the old documental (is that a word?) twist of the arm, if I say so myself.

My illness has been flaring up some recently, and I get icky skin rashes when that happens. Makes me shy to go out, although this current rash isn't as bad as the one three weeks ago - that time I was going out with hats pulled down over my face.... so embarrassing. I usually have really good skin. Anyway, the good news is that I finally got into hospital for some IV treatment, starting with this morning. They pumped huge amounts of medicine in me (not until after my veins played up though!) so here's a big cross fingers it helps some. At least with my skin, if not all the other stuff.
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Ironic if when the dog is about to come finally they find something to help. If this one treatment helps, I have two more next week. It has made me feel pretty sick today, and I now have a migraine too, maybe from the meds (??) and can't sleep from the pain, despite taking everything in my arsenal. It is 3:30am right now and I'm typing this on my laptop in bed with the lights out and the monitor turned down as low as possible. Hubby is snoring away as he does so very well!! The thing about these meds though is you can't have them very often, only when things are bad, frequent use makes you even sicker really. So the dog would be there for me when I am just moderately struggling, and to theoretically stop me getting bad, until eventually I would probably need the treatment again. This is if it works of course, I haven't had much luck so far. Anyway, enough health stuff.

As I was saying, I've been making lists of essential puppy stuff. Some of this stuff I would want when I pick him up, but some could come in the following several weeks. So here is a summary.
  1. 42" Wire Crate *
  2. Mat (probably Snooza) *
  3. 8 Panel Wire Exercise Pen * 
  4. Clip on collar and martingale collar, both nylon *
  5. Multi-adjustable double ended snap clips leash *
  6. Nylon harness with seat belt attachment *
  7. Two rubber base bowls *
  8. Puppy shampoo and conditioner
  9. Puppy large breed food * (I don't know what breeder is feeding but if not that, either Pro Plan or Canidae)
  10. 2x Large Kong
  11. Kong Wobbler
  12. Duck 'Loopie' (stuffie) *
  13. Urine Free *
  14. Bait bag
  15. Extra tall pet/baby gate
  16. Pin brush
  17. Treats, things to chew *
  18. F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant 200ml (help prevent bringing parvo home before pup protected) *
  19. Vitamins, C, E, Bs, D, kelp *
  20. Plastic dumbbell, lengths of pipe etc to practice formal retrieve, high priority for me
  21. Foldable target stick (can come later)
* = essential from day 1

I would really also like to buy a couple of books but they can wait until about 14-16 weeks. The one book that is going to be essential and will be there waiting for the puppy's arrival is Sue Ailsby's TRAINING LEVELS: Steps to Success, the new incarnation of her Training Levels, which have been around free online for years. She is a fantastic clicker trainer, if you don't know of her, check out her site and be inspired!

Anyway, I shall try to sleep now and hopefully wake up feeling tip top! If I've forgotten anything from my puppy stuff list, especially in light of the fact this pup is going to be having training from nearly day 1, please give me a yell! :)

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