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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My puppy may be born

So, the news is my puppy *may* be born. I know a litter is born in which I have dibs on a male pup. However I don't know how many males have been born yet as I assume the breeder is flat out tending for them and hasn't been able to let me know yet. Apparently the mum had a great big belly, so there were a good  number of pups in there, so there's a reasonable chance that there's a good number of boys. I mailed this morning asking how many boys/girls were born so I hope I will find out soon. The breeder is very well known throughout Australia, and the sire of the pups is very impressive also, from another top breeder.

The only possible problems are I am not getting first pick on the boys, although she said she could possibly bump me up a couple of places in priority considering what the dog is going to be doing in its life and considering I will be wanting quite different things than those looking out for a stud male for their kennel. However, knowing this kennel I will be ending up with a gorgeous dog anyway, even if it isn't quite 'show' quality as it is being picked for other qualities.
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The other problem is I haven't asked for permission from the landlords yet... I have a property inspection and lease renewal coming up and want to ask after them or they could make trouble for us. Hopefully they won't make trouble for me as I have the law on my side as previously mentioned in an early post (even though this is a no pet property, he wouldn't be counted as a pet, I have talked to the Human Rights Commission to assure myself of my rights.) Between putting in the application for having him here, and bringing him home would only be four weeks which is cutting it very tight. The thing is though, I have looked around a lot for breeders and litters, and top quality ones like this which are suitable for assistance work do NOT come up often, or at least, not without travelling far. Also, I don't want to get the dog in the middle of summer - I don't deal with heat well, so the end of August/beginning of September (basically the beginning of spring) would be perfect. Having said all this, I am pretty determined to get this puppy, he could be the answer to all my plans and dreams.

**** Update: There were just six puppies born (not as many as I would have thought), three males, three females. As I am not getting first pick I am not sure whether to go for it or not.... but I think I probably will, I'll just check with the breeder first, that I can at least have second pick. She did say that a male is available for me. Worst case there won't be a male suitable and I'll get my deposit back.

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