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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Off to the vet

5 months 1 week 6 days old

Well, I have an appointment for Knightley to see the vet this afternoon. He's had some more diarrhea and is very lethargic. None of that normal puppy energy at all. I am pretty upset actually. I know it probably won't be anything serious, but to see my daily companion so sad and miserable, whining so often to go out because he's obviously hurting (and Golden Retrievers have one of the highest pain tolerances of all dog breeds)... well, I hurt for him.

I know (or hope!) Knightley dying will be very far in the future, but I dread to even think about what state I will be in then, and that is only after three odd months together. I was close to my previous dog who died before his time, and still mourn him, but I think positive reinforcement training brings about a different and much closer connection. Knightley, please live for a long long time!

And hurry up and get better and stop lying there looking at me with those big brown eyes!

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