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Monday, January 2, 2012

A story in photos: a lake romp

5 months 5 days old

So my migraine continues, although it isn't as bad as it was, whilst the weather here is very hot: 35c (95f). I had to skip a New Years Day BBQ and swim over at my parents place, but managed it today with the help of some rather strong painkillers. Knightley also got to swim, although he has lost his nerve for jumping in the pool - he only did it once! So I may have to come up with a strategy for getting him to jump in again, instead of having to lift him in. Once he was in he was very happy, so it's just the take off.

Anyway, I am lying here in bed on my laptop, overheating and feeling pretty bleugh. Just had a cool shower, and just having a shower always exhausts me, but I needed to cool down because I hate the heat more and it tends to make my migraines worse.

Instead of a long wordy blog, I'm going to do a photo blog of our lake adventures - the lazy way out! This is pretty much exactly as it happened, down to the bird bones Knightley found and proceeded to devour. Even though his puppy teeth are out, his adult teeth are still growing in just a bit more, and he still has the urge to chew everything in sight, sigh.

Remember you can click on any of the blog images for larger versions.

Oh wow, what kind of awesome place is this mummy, I can eat all sorts of
disgusting things here then go for a swim and see what I can find there!!
Ohh, bird bones!
Oooh it's so wet and so fun and what, are those DUCKS over there?!?! But
they should be in my mouth!! Wow this is such an exciting place,
maybe I should get out and shake all over mummy then look very cute
so that she'll still love me. I get a kick out of little tricks like that!
I know you're quite wet now mummy, but seriously, you have to love this
face I made especially for you....!! OK enough faces, time to FLY!!!
If I flap my ears fast enough I'll take off right??? Right mummy???
Why are you just laughing at me?!?! I am being serious here! There is
very serious puppy investigation going on! Hmm. I think I might be stuck
 in here, that bank is STEEP.
OK time to try jumping out and maybe will eat duck poo on the shore,
get a run up first and..... WHEEE!!! How clever am I?
Well, there was actually no duck poo up there, so
I think I'll just sit here for a bit and watch the world
go by. I know, I know, I'm a beautiful, gorgeous,
stunning, cute Golden Retriever! Just about everyone
I meet tells me that! If I didn't have such a huge teenage
puppy ego I would get sick of hearing it!
Oh boy, why does mummy always point that weird black thing at me? This time
she keeps on saying that "watch" word again and again and making clicking
noises but I'm not getting any foodies! And the fun has stopped too! Meanie
mummy rinsed me off and then we had some tug with a towel and now she
is being very boring and keeps holding her head, sighing and muttering something
 like "the things I do for you, puppy". Dumb mummy, I do so much for her.... it's
always sit, sit, sit all day!
Mummy messed up my coat all weird and funny so it would dry faster! Grr!
But you can see how it doesn't look much at all like a puppy coat anymore,
not a speck of fluff to be seen... I'm becoming all man baby! Well... a dog
man... wouldn't want to be a human man like daddy! He always seems to be
getting bossed around by mummy again and again... much like me actually...
sigh, the lot of a puppy!

There were people in weird floaty things I stared at for a while that mummy
 told me were kayaks and rowing boats, whatever that means. Mummy also said
the name of the lake was Lake Ginninderra, and I may be smart but she did
have to spell it for me here. I just sort of woof randomly to spell most words actually.
Zzzzzzzz. Later that evening. A very very very tired puppy.
Knightley had been quite calm and simply enjoying himself until two women walking by asked to pat him, and proceeded to hype him up incredibly, leaving with the mild comment "he's quite excitable isn't he?" Sigh. I had kept him on his long line for our time there.... our recall isn't good enough with that many distractions, although we got good opportunity to practice whilst there.... and pre-stupid-women he had kept the line loose and just wondered around me, keeping calm but very happy. After the women revved Knightley up ("OOOeeeee you're so CUTE!!! OOHHH we just need to PAT you, you adorable thing!! Oh you're SOOO cute jumping up on us!! HAHAHA ooohhhh such a cutie!!!!! Do you sit puppy???? Sit Sit sit SIT sit SIT SIT SITSITSIT!!! Oh he sits!!! HOW CUTE!!!!") he just went into crazy zoomie mode, pulling for all he was worth, and I think that sealed the fate on my threatening migraine, along with me pushing myself too hard, too much heat and sun, and a bad sleep the night before. I *should* have taken him away from those two when I saw what they were doing to his mental balance, but I was just so tired out by that stage.

Anyway, Knightley had a really great time. The annoying thing is there are nice little beaches around the lake, yet dogs are not allowed within 50 metres of them. So I had to try finding places Knightley could get to the water, whilst carrying all sorts of stuff, and with my crutches........what a pain, both literally and metaphorically!

I had a look at dog friendly beaches and nearby accommodation on the NSW (New South Wales, Australia's most populous state) South Coast. Whenever we go down to the coast, that is the region to which we go generally, as it is the closest. A weekend down there with Knightley sounds great, although we may want to wait until the summer school holidays are over and the coast empties a bit! I'd just love to see what he makes of waves.

Another 35c (95f) degree day tomorrow, and it is taking its time cooling down tonight. Poor Knightley isn't liking the heat much, but he's surviving. It is so important that we look to our dogs during particularly hot days, dogs just don't manage heat as well as we do. Anyway, sleep calls me. So much for photos only, I can't help myself!

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