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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The puppy is indeed sick

5 months 1 week 6 days old

Well, it's official. I did the right thing in taking him to the vet. I also did the right thing in putting him on chicken and rice. I was considering taking him off food completely, and that would also have been a good step to take.

The vet checked his temperature (whilst hoping Knightley wasn't going to spray diarrhea on him) which was normal. Felt his stomach which apparently felt very 'squishy' which meant there wasn't any solid stool in there and it was all completely liquid. Listened to his stomach which apparently sounded 'extremely noisy'. Listened to me saying it had gone on for a few days, I had put him on chicken and rice two days ago and if anything it had got worse with about 7 episodes of diarrhea today, and that he had been very flat for most of the day until he got to the vets where there were so many exciting things to see and his tummy didn't matter quite so much anymore.

So.... the vet diagnosed a bacterial stomach infection and has given him antibiotics (metronidazole) for a week, and instructions not to eat for 24-36 hours. He says Knightley is likely to be ok after that, but to watch for him stopping drinking, or becoming so flat and depressed he doesn't want to move at all, or if the diarrhea is still going on after 36 hours.... and then he will have to go back to the vet. Immediately if his behaviour changes dramatically for the worse at any time, as it means it is a severe case of stomach inflammation and he may need to be hospitalised. He did say that he did not think that is the case though, or Knightley wouldn't have perked up from being at the vets. So cross fingers my little furry boy may be better in a day or two.

After his fasting I am to start him back on the chicken and rice with a few bits of kibble mixed in, and then slowly increase the ratio of kibble : chicken&rice.

Can't wait to have my happy crazy puppy back. Now we're back home he's back to being sad.

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